3 ways to celebrate the month of the rose

  • Mar, 17 , 20
  • Russnino Arias

That’s right, the whole month of June focuses on beautiful and elegant roses. You can celebrate the roses with your friends and family in many fun and fascinating ways.

1. Visit a botanical or rose garden. A great way to accept the National Rose Moon and all the flowers is to visit local botanical or rose gardens. Depending on where you live, this sightseeing can be a day trip or you may need a weekend to get to the destination. It can be a fun time to bring kids or even some girlfriends to embrace the natural wonders of the roses.



2. Host a party giving roses. The collapse of a party in honor of roses is a perfect idea. Make the success of a destructive success by offering some roses to your visitors and even drink a rose tea to get really in the mood.



3. Give roses as gifts. Different colors represent some emotions, so giving loved ones roses of certain colors can be a great way to celebrate this holiday. The red usually symbolizes love and affection, white represents innocence, yellow is for friendship, pink is for esteem and purple is for fascination. A collection of fresh flowers like Teleflora’s Love Medley Rose Bouquet may be perfect for a special person that contains its roses, red and lavender roses in a grand cylinder vase.